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Japanese Language Education Short-Term Programs

Program That Delivers Results

Students Get to Explore the Japanese Culture

The program engages the students through explorations of the popular and traditional aspects of the Japanese culture.


Students Learn to Use Their Japanese

The program is designed to help students use their language skills in real-life situations.


Customized and Original Study Materials

AJALT will develop customized study materials for each program and recommend appropriate text books and study guides.


Students Build Their Communications Skills

Students will learn the grammar and expand their vocabulary as they engage in classroom activities.


Everyone Learns

The activity-oriented curriculum accommodates students of diverse skill levels.


Objective Assessment

Students’ skill levels are assessed using the internationally-recognized frameworks, including the CEFR and ACTFL-OPI.


Students Monitor Their Own Achievements

Students stay motivated by setting goals and evaluating their own progress on a periodic basis.

Focus on Three Key Skills

Focus on Three Key Skills 1.Communication Skill 2.Intelligence Skill 3.Presentation Skill

Activity Example 1 “Life History” Project

Students will interview a Japanese native and learn about his/her life. They will learn how to conduct a good interview and write up about it.

Activity Example 1+2 Exploring the Local Community

Students will look for Japanese students on campus and ask them about good lunch spots. They will also explore the local shopping district and create a map of stores that sell everyday goods.

Activity Example 2+3 Analyzing the TV Commercials

Students will study the commercials running on the air and figure out what is popular.
There will be a group project for creating a new TV commercial, based on what the students have seen and learned.

Activity Example 2+3 Presenting on the Japanese Culture

Students will choose a topic that interests him/her at the beginning of the course and collect information to develop a presentation throughout the course. They will speak in front of the entire class as a final project.

Activity Example 2+3 “Go on This Tour of Tokyo” Competition

Students will study up on and talk in front of the class about the unique and interesting tours that are available throughout the city of Tokyo. Students will vote on which tour they will want to go on.



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