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Programs for International Students

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Japanese Language Education Short-Term Programs


Many young people today study Japanese, because Japan is cool. AJALT’s activity-oriented programs allow students to explore the popular and traditional aspects of the Japanese culture, while developing their language skills.
AJALT will develop a customized program based on your requirements on the length and scope of the course and the classroom environment you offer.


Japanese Language Education Short - Term Programs Details

Japanese Programs at Academic Institutions


AJALT develops and delivers Japanese programs to educational institutions and helps them serve the needs of their international students. AJALT instructors have the experience working with students in diverse academic disciplines and will apply the teaching method appropriately for the student’s age group and proficiency level.


The students will first master the basics in speaking, reading and writing and move onto advanced programs that will help them work independently and become self-sufficient.

Preparatory Programs

This is an intensive program for achieving the level of proficiency required for keeping up with college-level work. Students would enroll in this program before signing up for regular academic courses.


AJALT has been contracting with various educational institutions and delivering the intensive language program for many years.
The students will focus on

  • Achieving the basic level of proficiency
  • Learn how to establish good working relationship with fellow students and professors


The AJALT instructors have the experience required for making the lessons interesting and challenging.

Please contact AJALT for more details. The programs are customized for each educational institution, based on its needs and budget.


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