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Programs for Technical Internal Trainees

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Your employees will learn the Japanese required for the job International industrial trainees typically arrive in Japan after going through a basic language program in their own countries. However, the classes they take often tend to focus narrowly on the Japanese grammar and leave them without an adequate level of communication skills.


AJALT’s Japanese program addresses the issues by teaching the trainees the actual Japanese used in the workplace. The classes are based on the “Atarashii jissen Nihongo” (Practical Japanese - for Technical Internal Trainees-) text book developed by AJALT and focus on work-oriented conversations. The trainees will learn how to listen to job instructions, repeat what he or she is told, and ask questions. After approximately 60 hours of class work, the trainees will gain enough communication skills to start applying all the Japanese lessons they have taken in the basic programs.

Employees who sign up for the AJALT’s program for Industrial Trainees will see the results they need. The trainees will learn to communicate in Japanese for doing their jobs.

※AJALT is a registered Japanese educational institution with the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO).

Intensive Japanese Program

( 60-hours of lessons consisting of 6 hours lessons per day, 5 days a week, for 2 weeks )


DaysText ChaptersContentWriting and reading
1 1・2



How to thank people

Times of day, days of week, dates

Discuss schedule




Signs, posting, and displays


How to write postcards

2 3・4


How to ask for things

Order food in the cafeteria

Go out for meals

Ask questions

3 5・6

Talk about your self

How to ask someone to repeat himself

Basic units of measurement

4 7・8

Ask for a permission

Ask for a things

Listen to instructions

Fellow the instructions

Ask where something is

5 9・10

Confirm a location

Basic verbs in day-to-day conversations

6 11・12

When you're not feeling well

Discuss what food you like

Use public transportation

Job-related vocabulary

7 13・14

Request, forbid, and stop

Ask, accept, and refuse

8 15・16

Use adjectives top describe something

Ask for and give a reason

9 17・18

Make a report

How to apologize

10 19・20

Please contact the AJALT office for more information. AJALT can create a customized program to suit your budget and needs.


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