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Textbooks Developed by AJALT

In order to meet and satisfy the needs of various students, we have been developing and publishing the following Japanese education materials.

NEWWhat's New!

・"Fun-to-Learn Everyday Kanji Karuta", a new card game created by AJALT, is available.

・New editions of "Kanji Daisuki (I Love Kanji)", (4), (5), and (6) are available for children learning kanji.

・A new edition of "Japanese for Professionals" is available for intermediate and advanced learning.

Textbooks for college students and working adults

Japanese for Busy People Series

Japanese for Busy People Series

Japanese for Busy People Series is, as the title suggests, a concise course for "busy" students who want to learn natural, spoken, Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time.


*Available on Amazon and other bookstores.


E-books for the following versions of Japanese for Busy People are now available: Volume I, Romanized Version; Volume I, Kana Version; Volume II; and Volume III.

  Following formats are supported:

 ・Enhanced Ebook (with sound files from the hard-copy CD)


 *Pricing and purchasing information available on Kodansha USA


Japanese For Professionals-ビジネスマンのための実戦日本語

Japanese for Professionals Revised Edition

Japanese for Professionals is a serious and detailed manual of the language of trade, commerce, and government, aimed at intermediate students who work with Japanese on a daily basis. Eight lessons introduce common business situations.


Download the sound files for "Japanese for Professionals Revised Edition" from Kodansha USA web site. 


*Download from the link below:

  Sound files          


*Available on Amazon and other bookstores.


Digital version is now available.

   Following formats are supported:

  ・Enhanced Ebook (with sound files)


  *Pricing and purchasing information available on Kodansha USA

あたらしい じっせんにほんご −技能実習編−  あたらしい じっせんにほんご −働く日本語学習者のために−


Practical Japanese Series

(information in Japanese only)

Textbooks for technical interns. Learn workplace in 60 hours.

Practical Kanji Vol.12

Practical Kanji Vol.34

Practical Kanji Series

A series of Kanji textbooks for both college students and working adults.


Download the sound file for "Practical Kanji - Kanji & Kanji Vocabulary for the Modern World", Volumes 1 and 2 from the Ask-Books web site. (information in Japanese only)


*Download from the links below:

Volume 1 sound files          Volume 2 sound files


10 Minutes a Day Shadowing! Japanese Conversations for Job Hunting and Work Life

(information in Japanese only)

A textbook for job hunters and the newly employed.

Reading Road


Reading Road - Read Japan from Many Angles -

(information in Japanese only)

A textbook for reading conprehension at N3 and N4 levels of competency.

Textbook for the young and grownups


Wadaiko : An Introduction to the Sounds and Rhythms of Japanese  

Introductory textbook for studying the sound and rhythm of Japanese language though word plays, poems, haiku, and songs for each season of the year. Includes a CD with individual and group pronunciations with a pause feature. Featuring beautiful photographs and images in color, as well as short essays in English.


*Available on Amazon and other bookstores.

Textbooks for the young

『Japanese for Young People』シリーズ

Japanese for Young People Series

Japanese for Young People Series is a new three-level series designed primarily for junior-high and high school curricula encouraging systematic Japanese-language acquisition through an enjoyable but structured learning process.


*Available on Amazon and other bookstores.

『かんじ だいすき』シリーズ


Kanji Daisuki (I Love Kanji!) Series 

(information in Japanese only)

Kanji Workbooks and Cards for elementary school pupils.

DVD教材『ようこそ!さくら小学校へ〜みんな なかまだ〜』

Welcome to Sakura Elementary School!

 - Let's Study Together (DVD material)

This DVD material is designed for students who are attending a Japanese elementary school for the first time.

Learning Material for Everyday Japanese

おぼえてたのしい 生活漢字かるた

Fun-to-Learn Everyday Kanji Karuta

(information in Japanese only)

A card game for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels.  Play the game and learn to recognize, understand, and pronounce everyday kanji.



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