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Private Lessons

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A Program Designed for Your Busy Schedule

−You will see the difference−

AJALT will create a customized program that will help you achieve your goals most efficiently. AJALT will work with your budget and schedule and deliver results.


Study What You Want at Your Own Pace

The lessons will be designed to suit your exact needs. Your instructor will meet you at the time and place you choose.


At the Time and Place of Your Choosing

AJALT will make it as easy as possible to help you stay with the program. Your instructor will meet you at the time and place you choose. Online classes are also available.


Responsive and Flexible Schedule

You can schedule or cancel your lessons at any time up to 5 p.m. on the business day before the day of the lesson. You do not need to make any long-term commitment. You can discontinue the private lesson any time. AJALT’s goal is to offer maximum flexibility with minimum hassles.

Program Examples

AJALT can customize one of the following program to suit your exact needs or create a brand new lesson plan for you.


Steps for Setting up


An AJALT instructor meets with the students

to understand his or her goals and level of proficiency.

AJALT proposes the program and lesson materials designed

for the student’s individual needs.

The student and AJALT agree on the schedule,

number of lessons per week, duration, and instructor.

AJALT provides a no-cost, risk-free trial lesson, if requested.

The private lessons commence.

Business Japanese

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AJALT is well known for its high-quality private lessons in business Japanese. You will learn to communicate professionally and find out about Japanese business practices. AJALT will be with you every step of the way from the beginner’s level to advanced Japanese. 

Ask about our private lessons, if you want to

  • Start communicating in a professional manner even as a beginner
  • Establish good working relationships with your clients
  • Enjoy spending time with your coworkers
  • Give speeches and presentations
  • Read financial news
  • Learn business correspondence
  • Make appointments and visit people
  • Make sales calls
  • Go on business trips on you own
  • Prepare for a job interview with a Japanese company
  • Get professional certification

Real-Life Japanese

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The instructor will help the family of expatriates on assignment in Japan. The student will start off with survival Japanese and move onto Japanese customs and culture. The instructor can take the student on field trips to stores and train stations.

The student will learn how to thrive in Japan by learning how to

  • Shop for groceries and other necessities
  • Use public transportation
  • Go to the bank
  • File paperwork with city hall
  • Arrange for cleaning and other services
  • Request for home delivery
  • Make restaurant and hotel reservations
  • Reserve seats on the Shinkansen
  • Enjoy Japanese culture( tea ceremony, flower arrangement, cooking, etc.)
  • Shop at flea market and antique shops
  • Interact with other parents
  • Get medical help
  • Prenatal care in Japan

Programs for Diplomats

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AJALT works with diplomatic professionals and officials stationed in Japan from countries around globe.
For many years AJALT has worked with the Japanese embassies of countries in Oceania, North America, Europe, and Asia. AJALT’s programs are designed to help the student gain the language proficiency and an understanding of the Japanese style of communication required for effectively conducting diplomatic negotiations. The student will also learn to interact with the Japanese media and gather information.

The program will also allow the student to

  • Understand the Japanese history, culture, economic structure, political system, and foreign policies
  • Understand how the country he or she represents is portrayed by the Japanese media and perceived by Japanese people
  • Collect the latest information and data from Japanese sources on an ongoing basis
  • Engage in activities related to the student’s area of specialty
  • Learn the relevant terms and Kanji
  • Read and monitor professional publications
  • Interview or have discussions with other professionals in the field
  • Give speeches on topics related to the student’s work


AJALT can create a lesson plan that suits your budget and needs. Contact us and let us know how we may help you. We will be happy to put together a program that suits your objectives and give a price quote.

Programs for Young Students

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Japanese Education for the Young

AJALT’s programs are designed to accommodate each student’s needs, which varies with his or her age, fluency in native language, level of motivation, and amount of time allocated for learning. These programs are distinctly different from the lessons offered for adults.

AJALT Has Worked Extensively with Children

  • Japanese lessons for the International School students
  • Program for exchange students
  • Educational support for the increasing number of foreign students in public school

The “Japanese for Young People” Textbook series Developed by AJALT.

The lessons are mainly based on the series of textbooks AJALT has developed for young students.

  • “Japanese for Young People” for English-speaking teenagers ( Kodansha International)
  • “Kanji Daisuki” (I love Kanji ! ) for children studying Japanese around the world
  • “Gakko e iko” (Let’s Go to School ! ) for helping Japanese and foreign children learn about each other (AJALT)

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