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Student's Testimonials

Business Japanese

Mr. Bruce Darrington

Mr. Bruce Darrington



Managing Partner




I have very much enjoyed having one to one lessons with a Japanese teacher from AJALT. These lessons have not only helped pass exams but have been very much tailored to helping me follow topics of interest in Japanese such an Elections, Abenomics and infrastructure development in Japan. I have through the lessons got a very good understanding of Japan, particularly business culture.





Real-Life Japanese

Mrs. Sophie Bronckart

Mrs. Sophie Bronckart




I came to Tokyo 5 years ago, through my husband’s work assignment, with the strong intention to study Japanese.


Before we moved, my husband had an old copy of a “Japanese for Busy People” textbook and I discovered while leafing through it that AJALT had developed this book.


A few months after having settled in Japan, I contacted AJALT and soon started group lessons in their conveniently located Tokyo premises (Kamiyacho) a few times per week. It took me about 18 months to complete the 3 “Japanese for Busy People” textbooks. At AJALT group classes, students are taught by dynamic and enthusiastic teachers. Even at beginner level, Japanese is the main language used in class and teachers only refer to English when absolutely indispensable to make the students understand a specific grammar point. The very positive use of Japanese and the “can do” approach from the very beginning make lessons very lively and give students the needed confidence to get by in Japanese very quickly


After finishing the “Japanese for Busy People” textbooks, I carried on with AJALT private lessons. My teachers have always adjusted very well to my personal objective, which has been to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency) Tests.


Over the last few years, I passed the N5, N4 and N3 exams and I have recently taken the N2 exam.

My lessons at AJALT are a full part of my life in Japan and have massively contributed to my acclimatizing to the country, its customs, lifestyle and overall understanding.

I would, without doubt, recommend AJALT to anybody coming to Japan and willing to learn this fascinating language.





Programs for Young Students

Miss Bianca Beck


Junior high school student




Since last year, I have been taking lessons with my AJALT tutor; my Japanese teacher was not a very good teacher. My former Japanese teacher recommended AJALT to me. All the teachers at AJALT are both flexible and kind. I especially enjoy studying new kanji. I hope to study Japanese with AJALT in the future.




Programs for International Students

Ms.Li Jia

Ms. Li Jia


Kokushikan University School of Asia 21




I am a foreign student in Kokushikan University, Tokyo. I feel very honorable to share my story about AJALT with anyone of you who are reading this.


I transferred into my university one year ago as an exchange student. Although I had been studying Japanese for two years in China, when I came to Japan, I found that lots of things were different from what I supposed to be. Especially when I was unable to express my views with my Japanese friends, or when I was confused to choose the correct expressions relative to different situations, I was so upset. Absolutely language is the vehicle for thought and the medium for communications. I strived to get along well with Japanese people around me and also the circumstances surrounding me. I desired to understand Japan and also Japanese people without misunderstanding and conflicts.


Actually AJALT did give me a good chance to help me achieve it. Though one-year studies with AJALT, I had been studying about how to behave in the business situations, how to understand passages written by Japanese, and how to write out my own opinions more naturally in Japanese. What I am so appreciated to is that studies with AJALT not only enhanced my Japanese language skills, but also facilitate my ability to understand Japanese society via comprehensive teaching approaches which satisfy different students of their different personal needs.


The comprehensive studies and the stimulating teaching approaches make me really want to recommend AJALT to anyone of you who to enhance your Japanese language skills and also your ability to understand Japan, as me.


At last, thank everyone in AJALT for helping me a lot in my studies and my life in Japan.








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