Welcome to Sakura Elementary School! - Let's Study Together

This is a primer for students who will be attending

a Japanese school for the first time. It is designed to

help both the students and their parents ease into the

Japanese school system by seeing

the classroom activities and

customs Japanese words and expressions.


Includes 125-minute video on a DVD

disc 6000 yen + tax




The video material includes 18 segments and follows Lucas, a Brazilian student joining the fourth grade in Sakura Elementary School.

The video segments cover the following aspects of Lucas's school life.


1. Introduction
1. In the principal's office 2. In the classroom


2. Studies
1. Preparing for schoolwork 2. Walking to school 3. Morning meeting 4.In the classroom

5. Breaks 6. Lunchtime 7. Cleaning


3. School activities
1. Field trip 2. Keeping in touch with the parents 3.Health cheack up 

4. How to resolve an argument with another student 5. Nurse's office 6. After-school activities

7. Summer vacation 8. Athletic events 9. Life-skill lessons

Each segment includes the following

■A short skit
Lucas interacts with his classmates and learn about his new school

sample ]


A lesson in Japanese
Words and expressions, that would be useful in school, are presented, including.

  • How to say "hello" and introduce yourself
  • How to tell a nurces how you feel

[ sample ]


Information on Japanese school

Japanese school life and customs are explored. The information is also dubbed in Portuguese.

[ sample ]


A quiz
There is a fun quiz on words and expressions for school subjects, games that Japanese children play, and names of school supply items.

[ sample ]

How to Use This DVD

●View this DVD before joining a Japanese school

Students and parents can familiarize themselves on the Japanese school system and learn what to expect.


●Use the DVD to understand what is happening in school

The DVD covers the various aspects of Japanese school life. Get answers to questions like, "How do I make friends?" or "What should my kid bring to school?" or "What happens at the health check up?"


***For People Working with Students from Abroad

This DVD also helps teachers, students, and parents who are welcoming students from abroad in a Japanese school. It offers specific information on what the new students are likely to need and how to get them familiarized with their new school.


Developed and Produced by AJALT in cooperation with Gakken Corp. and Unicorn Co., Ltd. Videos taken at Jinnnan Elementary School, Shibuya District.


2F Toranomon ES Bldg.
3-25-2 Toranomon Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan