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Other Activities

Regional Cooperation Activities

At the request of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, regional organizations, and local groups promoting international exchange, AJALT conducts regional courses on Japanese language teaching and instructor training to aid local communities in providing language instruction for their non-Japanese members.


AJALT is also active regionally via its information services, language instruction and creation of programs for non-Japanese residents.

Language Education Research



AJALT conducts on-going research to develop the best methods to meet the linguistic needs of Japanese learners which include trainees, foreign spouses, permanent residents in Japan, and Indo-Chinese refugees. In addition, AJALT is monitoring the overall situation regarding support of Japanese language instruction.




AJALT instructors actively pursue research on the Japanese language and teaching methods, presenting their results at international symposia and contributing articles to domestic and foreign academic publications.

Japanese Language Education Information

AJALT as an Information Source


Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT) has been serving as a clearinghouse for general information regarding Japanese language education since our founding in 1977. 


We answer inquiries sent to us from people concerned in Japan as well as from abroad. Such domestic inquiries include information on Japanese language teaching materials, teaching methods, teaching institutions, and teacher-training courses for potential Japanese language instructors. Inquiries from abroad consist of general questions concerning our curricula from perspective Japanese language students, and teaching methods and teacher training facilities from language instructors.


This service of providing information concerning the many inquiries we receive on Japanese language education is one of the aspects of our operational activities. Hence, we are an incorporated public association.


AJALT is a provider of the latest information via the internet on Japanese language learning (our class schedules introduced and updated), teaching domestically and abroad, publications, and international cultural exchange events and activities.


Through contribution to various periodicals in the field, we wish to enhance the public's awareness of the Japanese language and its education, and to promote global mutual understanding and cultural exchange. 


We are an active participant and/or collaborator to the many lectures and symposiums, and international cultural exchange activities and programs.


Our AJALT magazine published annually since 1978 has been providing information to people interested in Japanese language education worldwide.


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