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For Japanese Instructors

At the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT), various training courses for Japanese language teachers are provided. (Please note that all courses are offered in Japanese.)


They include basic and regular bimonthly in-house training seminars for dedicated teachers who are members of AJALT. These training sessions are intended for AJALT teachers to continually maintain and further improve the overall quality of their individual teaching skills. The topic cover a wide range of fields, from the latest linguistic theory of Japanese teaching methods, to briefings on economics, international affairs, and current events.

On a much wider vision, AJALT serves as a trainer for the concerned public. The seminars provided are:

  • Workshops
  • AJALT Public Symposium
  • Overseas Training Programs

The workshops focus on practical teaching methods based on our various textbooks such as Japanese for Busy People, Practical Japanese -for Technical Trainees-, and Japanese for Young People. Each course prepares teachers to teach business executives, technical trainees, and children.


AJALT has been organizing AJALT Public Symposium annually since June 1985. The independent theme of each symposium timely addresses subjects particularly important in teaching the Japanese language. They cover every aspect indispensable in effective language instruction, from theories to methods.


In order to compensate for lack of competent Japanese language teachers abroad, AJALT has conducted Overseas Teacher Training Seminars in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. AJALT is an active provider of such courses to those teaching in secondary schools, universities, and private institutions since 1987. With the sponsorship from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), our association also offers special training courses intensively to teachers teaching second- and third-generation Japanese living abroad.

Other notable training programs include providing curriculum as well as instructors to training courses for language teachers being expatriated to the People's Republic of China. This program is being sponsored by the Japan-China Exchange Association for Industrial Technology. AJALT sends lecturers to training courses for domestic elementary and junior high school Japanese language instructors. Such courses are being held under the administration of the Ministry of Education or local boards of education. AJALT lectures are also dispatched to Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) run training seminars, to university major and/or minor courses in Japanese language education, and to various private-sector training programs.


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