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2. Talking about yourself 
I'm a high school teacher.

Nakata: Meepuru-san, o-shigoto wa nan desu ka
Meepuru: Kookoo no kyooshi desu.
Nakata:  Nan no sensei desu ka.
Meepuru: Ongaku no kyooshi desu.

Nakata: Maple-san, what is your occupation?
Maple: I'm a high school teacher.
Nakata: What do you teach?
Maple: I teach music.

"Kyoshi" means "teacher" and is used to refer to oneself.  "Sensei" also means "teacher" but it is used to refer to another person. It may also be used instead of Mr./Ms. as for example, in "Maple-sensei".  
See the vocabulary list of Gakko  (school).

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