How to use this site

How to use this site
Survival Japanese is for people who are interested in communicating in Japanese but have no knowledge of the language. If you plan to visit Japan, this site make your stay much more interesting and enjoyable.

Survival Japanese is an on-line textbook. It has four categories: Communication Tools, Situational Conversations, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Communication Tools
40 most frequently used phrases and greetings

Situational Conversations
Model conversations in situations you are likely to encounter:
18 sightseeing situations and 16 home stay situations


18 important basic grammar topics simply explained to help you construct your own sentences

610 words and 7 expressions in 24 categories

Create your own textbook!

Each page is designed compactly. Print out the pages you need, making adjustments for paper size, and make your own booklet. You don't have to memorize vocabulary or grammar. Just carry the book with you and look up the relevant page for whatever situation you find yourself in. You will gradually learn the language while using it in real situations.

There is audio sound for Communication Tools and Situational Conversations. Click the Audio icon on the index page for these categories, or the LISTENING icon on each page. You will need Real Player Plug-in.

You can download the PDF files on the Vocabulary and Grammar pages. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in to read them. To download all the files, click the PDF icon on the index page for these categories. To download a particular page, click the PDF. Icon on that page.

PLEASE NOTE: Long vowels are written as follows in this website.

Long a aa

Long i ii

Long u uu

Long e ee, ei

Long o oo

Original texts: Junko Shinada, Akiko Kajikawa, Kaori Hattori, Miyako Utsumi, Mikiko Ochiai (AJALT)
Web texts: Junko Shinada, Mikiko Ochiai, Miyako Utsumi (AJALT)
Illustrations: Akira Ishida
Voices: Mitsuyoshi Kaji, Matsuo Hanabusa, Tomoe Yamaguchi (AJALT)
Web production: Naoko Ito (Hypnotext)

Thanks to:Izumi Sawa (AJALT), Chiho Ikuta, Lucy North
Special thanks to: Ishibashi Foundation

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