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masen ka


The speaker makes a suggestion by using the "verb-masen ka" form. The "Verb-mashoo" form shows a stronger volition. In accepting the invitation, the "verb-mashoo" form is used.
A : Keeki o tabemasen ka.
A : Would you like some cake?
B : Ee, itadakimasu.
B : Yes, I'd like some.
A : Biiru o nomimasen ka.
A : Would you like some beer?
B : Iie, kekkoo desu.
B : No thank you.
A : Tenisu o shimasen ka.
A : Would you like to play tennis?
B : Ee, shimashoo.
B : Yes, let's.
A : Kaerimashoo.
A : Let's go home.
B : Ee, kaerimashoo.
B : Yes, let's.

(Grammar12 - 14)

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