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Privacy Policy

AJALT recognizes the importance of handling the personal information it collects with care. This notice describes AJALT's privacy policy.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is any information that identifies unique individuals. AJALT collects such information in the course of conducting its business activities, Please see the AJALT home page (http://www.ajalt.org/e) on details of its business activities.


Specifically, the personal information include names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, employment information, and birth dates and may identify an individual by itself or when combined with information from other sources.

2. Laws and Regulations

AJALT follows the laws, regulations, and guidelines set by the Japanese government on privacy information protection.

3. How AJALT Uses the Personal Information

AJALT uses the personal information it collects for conducting its business, including administration of its Japanese classes, instructor training programs, and textbook publication.

4. Methods of Collecting the Personal Information

AJALT collects personal information through electronic means (the Internet and emails) and the paper medium.

5. Information Protection on the AJALT Web Site

The personal data entered through the AJALT web site is protected by SSL encryption.

6. AJALT Business Partners and Contractors

AJALT manages and supervises its business partners and contractors to ensure proper handling of the personal information.

7. Third Parties

AJALT does not disclose any personal information to a third party without a prior consent by the individual or unless required by law.

8. Personal Information Management

AJALT strictly manages the personal information it collects. AJALT has in place the safeguards and procedures for preventing unauthorized access to, loss of, destruction of, and inappropriate modification of such information. The safeguards and procedures are reviewed and updated continuously.

9. Disclosure, Deletion, and Correction

AJALT will comply with requests submitted by individuals to disclose, delete, or update his or her personal information. The contact for submitting such a request is

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